Into trouble

I start things.  Occasionally, I finish them too, but mostly I start.  A few weeks ago, I decided that I needed to start doing embroidery.  Since I had experience with cross stitch from elementary school as well as a project that I started on a whim a few years ago, I chose cross stitch as my springboard.  Almost immediately after completing my first piece, I went off the deep end.  I love stitching.  Poor knitting is taking a back seat for a while. Here are my first two completed cross stitch endeavors:

Oops.  My fandom(s) is showing.  The first was done off of a pattern purchased from this shop.  The second was my own concoction.

Also in the works is Merry Meadow by the knitting famous Mochimochi Land:

Anyone else feel bad for the sentient tulips?

And I joined the Quilty Stitches stitch-a-long put on by Little Miss Shabby.  I’ve finished blocks #1-3 and parts of #4 and #5.  I only have photo evidence of the first two squares:

And in case that isn’t enough, I am working on a few (million) designs of my own that I hope to put into some publishable form in the weeks to come.  No promises.  I’m a lazy bum of a SAHM.


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