BMO Freebie.

I decided that I would offer up my BMO chart for free, since I think he’s just the cutest.  I’m not providing colors as I am going about choosing them haphazardly in my own project, using stash without labels to tell me what they were, etc…  And since BMO is a licensed character, here he is for free!   I have stitched him on 7ct. plastic canvas, using various worsted weight yarns.  HAVE FUN!


bmo screenshot

If y’all are nice, I might offer up the rest at a later date (in other words, when I finish them!  lol).


Wanna Play Videogames?

I’ve caught that plastic canvas bug that seems to be going around. I was encouraged by friends and inspired to make a three dimensional version of my favorite character from one of my favorite shows of all time:  ADVENTURE TIME!  BMO (or Beemo) is just the cutest little guy ever in the world and such a sweet character.  Plus, being rectangular, he is PERFECT for a first plastic canvas project!  I charted him out in macstitch and got started.  I’m using Red Heart Soft for the body and screen colors, but managed to find the rest of the colors in my stash.  They aren’t perfect, but they will work.

Here is the completed front piece!

I’m so in love.  I have charts for the sides and back ready and waiting for me tackle!  I’m planning to do his arms and legs out of i-cord.  I might have to buy yarn for that because I don’t have a suitable color.  I could use the blue in the circle button possibly, but it’s not quite “right.”  The plan is to line this and turn it into a little bag that I can carry around with me at ACen.  (For those not in the con scene, ACen is short for Anime Central.  It’s one of the largest anime conventions in the US and is held in Rosemont, IL.  I have attended every year since 2002!).  I’m actually planning a BMO gijinka cosplay this year, but I haven’t done much for it yet.  I need to get crackin’ since ACen weekend is fast approaching (May 16-18!)  Once I get some pieces finished for it, I will definitely post them!